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Pool Service

Servicing Homeowner Associations

Pool Watch Inc. is proud to offer the following pool maintenance services to Associations pools in all the suburbs of Chicago area. If you would like more information, or would like to inquire about Pool Watch Inc's pool service that is not listed here, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Certified Pool Operator

Pool Watch Inc. operators are certified in the CPO® program and have received comprehensive training and certification recognized by the Illinois Department of Public Health. Our knowledge base consists of the techniques and skills necessary to oversee daily pool and spa operations, including and not limited to: proper chemical storage, usage and handling, proper signage, safety equipment placement and risk assessment evaluation. Our staff is familiar with all pertinent and current legislation put forth regarding licensing and safety standards. Our training has helped protect millions of swimmers by reducing hazards at aquatic facilities. A Certified Pool Operator will oversee the daily operation of your swimming pool.

Lifeguard Certifications

Pool Watch Inc. provides Lifeguard staffing, consisting of qualified, certified and experienced individuals holding current Red Cross, Ellis, UMCA or Starguard certifications in Lifesaving, CPR for the Professional Rescuer and First Aid Certification. Some lifeguards may possess Water Safety Instructor and Emergency Medical Training.

Non-Certified Pool Attendants

Pool Watch Inc. can provide Non-Certified Pool Attendants as the staff for the pool when the Association does not allow people to attend the pool less than 16 years of age. Some Non-Certified Pool Attendants may possess CPR and First Aid Certifications. The Attendant is trained to perform all maintenance duties at the pool as well as implement and maintain an entry checking system at the Pool Facility entrance.

Pool Renovations

A pool is much like any other structure: eventually it calls for renovation. Whether you need tile or coping repaired or replaced, your filtration system updated or your pool itself fitted with a new coat of paint, Pool Watch Inc. can help you and direct you to a reliable pool repair company for bids.

Pool Repairs

Regardless of how much money you have invested in your swimming pool it, like everything else, will eventually need a bit of repair work to keep it in good shape. From your pool bed itself to pool accessories and equipment such as pumps and filters, Pool Watch Inc. can help you to keep your pool looking like new.


Quick Tip

  • Early Spring is the best time to take inventory of your pool, pump room, safety equipment, gates, pool signs, working telephones and general post winter condition of the facility.

  • Check the pool's winter cover for any tears or damage from harsh winters. If repairs are needed, call a pool professional to come and take a look to see if the cover can be repaired. The summer is the perfect time to repair covers.

  • Check the tiles in the pool to make sure there are no cracked tiles. Cracked tiles have sharp edges and can cause cut fingers, toes, hands, feet etc. Have tiles replaced as soon as possible. This type of work can be done when the pool is drained and cleaned for opening day.

  • Lifeguards please check your expiration dates on your Certification Cards. Renew your Certifications when needed and prior to opening day - Memorial Day!

  • Potential Pool Watch Lifeguards - please fill out the contact information or download an application, fill it out and send it to Pool Watch Inc. We will contact you to discuss the possibility of working with Pool Watch.

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